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Mission Statement 

Russet House School is an inclusive and supportive community which celebrates strengths, differences and diversity, and where everyone learns and grows together.

 Pupils learn to build relationships, develop independence, gain knowledge and skills, and achieve their full potential, in order to improve the children’s and families’ quality of life.


  1. To provide a broad, balanced, relevant and rich curriculum for pupils with autism with an emphasis on the learning of life skills alongside access to the Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum as appropriate.
  2. To maximise pupils’ potential and progress in their personal development, learning, communication and life skills so that they learn to be as independent as possible and to celebrate pupils’ achievements.
  3. To provide a range of teaching methods and interventions informed by knowledge and understanding of autism.
  4. To maintain a learning environment which encourages the physical and emotional wellbeing of all pupils and promotes confidence, independence and effective processing of information.
  5. To reduce behaviours which challenge by understanding pupils’ behaviour and teaching positive ways in which they can regulate and express themselves.
  6. To develop and maintain an experienced and well-trained team and provide opportunities for ongoing staff development and training, particularly in the area of autism.
  7. To work collaboratively with parents to enable them to be equal partners in their child’s education through open dialogue, parent programmes, training and having shared aims for their children.
  8. To promote positive attitudes towards autism, the autistic community and those with learning difficulties.
  9. To provide multi-disciplinary assessment, therapies and teaching in an environment where all professionals work collaboratively to meet the needs of individual pupils.
  10. To be an inclusive community which challenges discrimination and celebrates diversity.
  11. To ensure the school community has a culture of professionalism and confidentiality including online.
  12. To provide a physical environment designed to meet the needs of pupils with autism.
  13. To provide inclusion opportunities in mainstream school where appropriate and to support transition to other schools.
  14. To lead the Enfield Advisory Service for Autism (EASA) and support mainstream and other special schools to promote inclusive education through training and develop autism-friendly provision across the Local Authority.
  15. To further develop the school’s role as a centre for training, research and development in conjunction with the Pan London Autism Schools’ Network (PLASN), the Pan Enfield Alliance (PEA), Middlesex University, the University of Hertfordshire and UCL Institute of Education.
  16. To promote the British Values through the school’s values (be kind, be responsible, be positive, be independent, work hard, work together).