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Absence from School - The Law

The following bullet points are requirements of the law and have not been set by Russet House School.  They apply to all children who attend school.

  • As a parent (or person responsible) for a pupil registered at Russet House School, you are responsible for making sure he/she attends school regularly.
  • Whenever possible, family holidays should be taken during the school holidays.
  • The school is responsible for granting permission for absence, and can authorise absences.
  • If you want permission for your child to miss school for a very special occasion you should ask permission, well in advance, giving full details.
  • Please do not expect permission to be granted. We will consider your request carefully and take your child’s attendance record into account.
  • If you wish to proceed, please click on the link below to download the request form.  Please return your completed form to the Headteacher via the school office, or email office@russethouse.enfield.sch.uk

Click here for Absence from School Request Form