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Working and playing together - Yellow (10 images)

In Yellow class we have been working hard and practising playing together. We love playing Hungry Hippo, pop up pirate and drawing.

Visiting Sainsburys and making pizza - Yellow (17 images)

This term Yellow class created our own shopping list, to buy the ingredients to make pizza! We then walked to Sainsburys, remembering to be safe when crossing roads. We bought our ingredients using the self-service checkout. When we got back to School we made our own pizzas with different toppings. Yum!

Being astronauts - Yellow (12 images)

In Yellow Class we have been learning to be Astronauts. We have dressed up and made our very own Space shuttles. We even created our own exercises to keep ourselves fit!

Emerald class have been exploring Space! (4 images)

We have been visiting iSpace which feels like we’re in the stars and looking at light up toys.

Cheeky Monkey Challenge 2017 (15 images)

Another fantastic event enjoyed by our children, staff and parents.

Bike Week 2016-17 (47 images)

The whole school took part in our bike week theme. Here are a small selection of the photos.

Paradise Park (27 images)

A few photos from our recent trip to the Paradise Park in Herts!!!

Lea Valley Farm - Green class (71 images)

Our last trip this year was to the lovely Lea Valley Farm (July 2017).

We are camping!!! (47 images)

Year 6 camping photos:

Warburtons bread (40 images)

Many thanks to Warburtons for the bread and wheat they delivered for our 'Bread Week' - an exciting science project. We loved the truck and the bread!

Rainbow 2 Expressive Arts (7 images)

Some of our very youngest pupils have expressed themselves through different art forms

Electricity (Green Class) (12 images)

In Science, we are now talking about electricity. We have discussed electrical safety and have been making circuits!

It's Golden Time! (8 images)

Every Friday, we find time to play. We like to call it GOLDEN TIME!

World Book Day (12 images)

We have been celebrating World Book Day. Children from all the classes have made lots of puppets of their favourite book characters.

Air Raid Shelters (8 images)

In history, we have been learning about WW2. Here, we are making air raid shelters.

Myddleton House January 2017 (20 images)

Learning outside? Why not!

Silver Class meet the Robots 15-16 (7 images)

Silver class had lots of fun meeting our new interactive robots

New Soft Play (18 images)

Our new zone has been designed just for Russet House - with lots of activities that will enhance teaching, learning and social interaction. This wonderful new facility has been funded by a generous donation from the Friends of Russet House School and Enfield Council.

Our Facilities (19 images)

This is a selection of photographs showing the facilities and resources at Russet House School.