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Therapists and Professional Support

Multi-Disciplinary Working at Russet House

At Russet House we provide a multi-disciplinary learning environment where teachers, classroom support staff and therapists work together to meet the individual needs of all pupils.

Therapy may be delivered individually, in pairs or small groups but most importantly all therapists involve teachers and classroom staff in programmes so that recommended strategies and approaches can be incorporated in to daily activities. Similarly parents and carers are always informed about therapeutic interventions involving their child so that recommended strategies can also be used at home or in the community.

With the exception of Speech and Language Therapy, other therapies may be time limited according to an individual child’s needs. For instance some children may receive intensive support when their need is greatest whilst others may only require intermittent monitoring if they are making good progress. By doing this we can meet the needs of all pupils when their need is greatest.

Therapists write summary reports for parents and carers at the time of a child’s Annual Review. However parents and carers can request individual meetings with therapists as needed. Parents and carers can also arrange to observe therapy sessions if it is appropriate.

Speech and Language Therapy

All children at Russet House receive Speech and Language Therapy. We have a team of three Speech and Language Therapists; one of whom is full time and is funded by the school and two others who are part-time and are funded by the NHS.

Each therapist is linked to a particular class so that they can develop good relationships with both the child and classroom staff and observe first- hand how your child communicates and what he or she understands in social situations.

Occupational Therapy

This team is led by a senior Occupational Therapist who is highly trained in Sensory Integration. She is involved in training and supporting junior colleagues in London and its surrounding areas and lectures on courses in the UK.  In addition the children receive therapeutic intervention from another part-time Occupational Therapist and an Occupational Therapy Assistant who works under the direction of the senior Occupational Therapist.

Occupational therapy and sensory integration are not necessarily appropriate for all children and referrals for assessment and treatment are usually made by teachers at Annual Review meetings but can also be made by parents and carers.

Individual treatment sessions may be delivered in the school’s purpose built and well equipped Sensory Integration Room but programmes and sensory diets are also delivered in classrooms to help children manage their behaviour in socially acceptable ways and learn effectively.

Music Therapy

We have one music therapist who is trained in techniques used by Nordoff and Robins. She works in school for 2 days a week using music to encourage children to communicate. Again referrals are usually made at Annual Review meetings.

Dance and Movement Therapy

We have one Dance and Movement Therapist who works for 1 day a week. She works with children who have difficulty co-ordinating their body movements within defined spaces.

Parent Support Team

The Home-School Liaison Teacher works for 2 days a week. We also have two Parent Support Advisors. The Team:

  • Work individually with parents and carers
  • Offer advice about sleeping, toilet training, behaviour management, eating and other self help skills
  • Make links with other agencies such as Cheviots Children Centre which provide short breaks for children and their families
  • Organise and leads parent/carer workshops and support groups on a variety of topics.

Educational Psychologist

The school has a visiting Educational Psychologist who is employed by Enfield. At present the Educational Psychologist visits the school for 11 half days a year and works mainly with those children and families who are preparing for secondary transfer. However requests for advice and support can be made at other times and these sessions will be funded by the school.


A Consultant Community Paediatrician visits the school regularly throughout the year to monitor and advise on medical issues. Parents and carers can request appointments by contacting Cedar House at St Michael’s Hospital or by discussing their concerns with school staff. Consultations and examinations take place in the Medical room.

School Nurse

A school nurse accompanies the Paediatrician on her visits but is also available to weigh and measure children and give advice on incontinence issues and childhood illnesses and conditions such as head lice and threadworms as needed.


A very small number of children are seen by a visiting Psychiatrist who primarily monitors children who take medication to help them sleep or manage their behaviour.


A Dietician employed by the NHS visits the school every half term and will advise on weight, special diets and nutritional issues. Again referrals can be made by contacting school staff.


Once a year a community dentist who is very experienced with children with autism visits once a year to make dental checks and give advice on oral hygiene.


All members of the Multi-Disciplinary Team meet at least once a term to liaise about issues relating to individual children and their progress.