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PE and Sport Premium Grant   


Physical Education forms a very important part of the total education of the child who has a diagnosis of autism.  In addition to the obvious benefits in terms of healthy activity and well-being,  it is also important to consider the opportunities for personal and social development . These include:

  • promoting the growth and development of each child
  • helping to establish self-esteem through the development of physical confidence
  • helping children learn to understand and accept their physical abilities and         limitations
  • encouraging personal qualities of perseverance, commitment, fairness and enthusiasm through physical activity
  • developing body and self-awareness
  • providing opportunities for joint attention and social interaction experiences
  • developing an awareness of using equipment safely

In addition to this all children are encouraged to participate in any physical activities offered during the lunch break and are provided with opportunities for exploratory/improvised games and physical activity using the garden apparatus.  This year we have introduced a system of lunchtime activities to further engage the children.

All children in Years 5 and 6 have swimming sessions based on improving water confidence and/or their ability to swim.  

In all Physical Education lessons:-

  • safety regulations are observed and strictly adhered to
  • children are encouraged to develop their skills, knowledge and fitness
  • children are encouraged to plan, perform and evaluate (where appropriate)
  • children are given opportunities to work individually, in pairs and in groups and teams
  • children and adults are dressed appropriately according to task 
  • there is a focus on the benefits of physical activity in relation to health 
  • links to other curriculum areas are maximised if appropriate
  • children are given opportunities to move and store equipment in a safe manner

For the third consecutive year, we have been awarded the Sainsbury's School Games GOLD Award. In recognition of our commitment to developing school games and physical activities Russet House School is cited as a case study of excellence on the Youth Trust website.

In 2015 and 2016 we won the London, Regional and National Big Pedal Challenge Competition.


Assessment is ongoing and informs future planning for individual progress and class activities.  Individual progress files will be used to collect examples of work and P scale levels.  Where appropriate, children should be made aware of individual learning targets and given opportunities to self and peer assess.  All work will be assessed in line with the Assessment Policy.


Monitoring the P.E. curriculum is the responsibility of the P.E. Coordinator to ensure the topics and learning objectives are challenging, relevant and appropriate for our pupils with Autism.  He/she will monitor and evaluate:

  • The teaching and learning of P.E. through class observations
  • Long and medium term planning
  • Daily plans
  • Foundation Stage/P scale levels/Attainment linked to the National Curriculum  
  • Progress files
  • Available equipment and resources

 Sports Premium Funding 

Sports Premium funding is provided in addition to existing school budgets and is to be used solely to help primary schools improve the quality of the physical education, physical activity and sport that they offer their pupils.

Funding can be used for the following:

  • additional instruction and coaching
  • develop professional training for staff
  • to develop and promote a healthy, active lifestyle for pupils
  • use PE as a tool for whole school improvement
  • offer all pupils a range of challenging and inclusive physical experiences
  • provide competitive opportunities for all pupils
  • funding can also be directed to support pupils in developing their independence and social skills through PE and sport.

 Completed and short term activities

  • A new initiative of an outdoor adventurous activity session for the older pupils took take place in the summer of 2014 – activities included trampolining, toboggan run, climbing wall and camping. Photographs of this initiative can be seen here.
  • Funding was used to pilot alternative horse-riding provision at a local centre who were developing their facilities for those with special needs. Photographs of this activity can be seen here. This has been successful and has continued to be delivered at this venue.
  • Uniform PE kit was purchased to be worn when visiting outside events and activities. This provides a sense of identity and pride, and ensures that all children are able to wear appropriate clothing for the particular activity.  
  • Coaching is being provided in partnership with Russet House School for tennis sessions which also provides additional training for staff alongside the targeted PE sessions for the pupils.
  • A budget has been set aside for the purchase of new and time-expired equipment and this is used as necessary.
  • A tablet has been purchased for PE use – this is used to record and monitor activities and to assess and evaluate pupil progress.
  • We have a dedicated teacher responsible for developing lunchtime activities and learning through play.  This includes working more closely with lunchtime supervisors to develop more structured games and activities at lunchtimes. Additional equipment and storage has been purchased.  Boxes of equipment are themed to ensure that there is easy access.
  • Following the success of the Bike Club and achieving national accreditation for participation in the Big Pedal Challenge, the School have been awarded a special grant award from Transport for London.  This has supplemented funds raised through recent fundraising initiative to purchase a range of bikes for playground and Bike Club use.
  • A pilot scheme during the Summer Holidays saw the main playground being opened up for families to use one day per week.  This was very successful and is being continued for the summer holidays 2016. 
  • A Healthy Living Week took place in the Spring 2015, which included providing tasters of fresh fruit and vegetables, a cookery demonstration and fun activities for the pupils. Parents were also involved and this was very successful. This will be developed further for 2016/17 (see below).
  • Our school meal providers (Enfield Borough Catering) attended the Open Day in October 2015. This provided an opportunity for parents to sample healthy school meals and information was available in relation to providing healthy packed lunches.  Feedback from parents was very positive.

Under consideration for the future

  • We are currently exploring more extensive use of local facilities and venues, such as table-tennis clubs, climbing walls, local dance groups and trampolining. This will not only create additional links with the local community, but can be a cost-effective way to access the very best local facilities. 
  • Further research is being undertaken to explore the possibility of After-School and Holiday Clubs.  
  • Development of soft play and outcomes related to PE
  • We are exploring opportunities for greater involvement in local sporting events as spectators, such as football, athletics, white water rafting, school events etc.
  • A Healthy School themed week is under development.  This will include promotional documentation and activities linked to PE activities and PSHE. This  will also be linked to a fundraising initiative with the Friends of Russet House School.






Working with tennis coach.

For pupils to develop ball skills and hand/eye coordination

One class per term visiting local leisure centre (21 children per year)

£300 per term



Impact: The coach's knowledge and experience has helped children develop their skills and confidence, and has helped them to understand how to work with a partner.  The pupils' level of skill has been seen to have improved, particularly their hand/eye coordination and awareness of the rules of the game. Staff have benefited from working in partnership with an experienced coach.  The pupils have also experienced visiting a local sports venue, and the being out in the local community, including road safety.

Sustainability; Develop programme to measure skill progression in pupils more accurately.

To further develop confidence and competence for school staff who support the pupils in tennis lessons. 

Introduction of structured lunchtime activities To increase the level of physical pupil engagement during lunchtimes Purchase of equipment, storage and delivered staff training

£1000 equipment

Staff costs ?


Impact - Four structured activities are being provided every lunchtime delivered by Supervisory Assistants. 100% of pupils continue to participate and are encouraged to do so regularly. Not only has this directly benefited the pupils' level of physical activity, this has also helped to improve behaviour, social interaction and communication.

As a result of bespoke staff training, the Lunchtime Assistants are engaging directly with the pupils as needed and are more confident in doing so.

Sustainability - increasing the number of activities available to the children over the course of the year.

To develop a new initiative to identify older pupils to become 'sports leaders' who would also support their peers to engage in these physical activities.

To continue to deliver 'refresher' staff training to build on existing skills and to develop these further. 

Purchase of new equipment and replacement of time-expired equipment

To ensure that all equipment is suitable, sufficient and safe for the needs of our pupils.

All activities are resourced appropriately.


Purchase of uniform t-shirts for staff and pupils for use when attending sporting events outside of school. 









Impact - all pupils have benefited from having adequate resources. Teachers are able to plan a wide range of suitable activities that will enable pupils to maximise their level of participation. Medals and trophies were purchased and awarded to acknowledge participation and achievement. 

T-shirts have given the pupils a sense of identify and being part of a team.

Sustainability - it is important to ensure that there are always sufficient resources to meet the learning needs of our pupils. 

T-shirts are returned after use and laundered in school so are used by others. Additional sizes will be ordered.

Healthy Living Week

To deliver a school-wide themed event to promote and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle

Parents and pupils were engaged throughout the week in a number of activities that encouraged a healthy lifestyle, including a health diet and exercise.  This included cookery demonstrations, making healthy snacks etc and various physical activities.

Impact: 100% of pupils participated throughout the week in a variety of activities. Parents attended various sessions and activities with their children.   Increase focus on healthy eating at snack time. 

Sustainability :  An increase n the provision of fresh fruit and vegetables for snack and Food Technology lessons has resulted in increased costs.  

Consideration is being given to the format of a future Healthy Living week to include the concept of 'farm to fork' and how this event can be assimilated into other curriculum areas.



Bike Club

Weekly bike club to teach, encourage and promote of cycling skills.

Purchase equipment (helmets, bikes etc.,) to ensure that Bike Club can continue safely with age-appropriate equipment.  Release of staff time.


21 pupils participated during 15/16, and by the end of the year 19 of these were riding confidently  and were able to answer basic road safety questions.


Bike Club has been a very successful initiative and our pupils benefit on a number of levels. The equipment has been purchased and now only needs replacing and repairing as required.  However, storage remains an issue.

We are exploring opportunities with the Cycle Enfield Team at the Local Authority to develop a bespoke Cycling Proficiency programme suitable for the needs of our pupils and their families.


Big Pedal Challenge and Bike Week

To deliver a school-wide themed bike event to promote and encourage cycling as part of an active lifestyle and how to develop the skills needed.


Whole school participation in a programme of week-long activities including:

  • Sponsored events with parents and children
  • Themed fun bikes (bubbles, balloon-blowing, paint spinning, ball shooting)
  • Road Safety sessions
  • Daily cycling sessions with a range of different bikes and scooters
  • Cycle Enfield advisory sessions for parents
  • Themed art morning
  • Smoothie-making bike



Every pupil had access to all activities and sessions throughout the week.  Each class had a daily programme of cycling-related activities.  A number of specialised bikes were borrowed from another SEN school to provide access for all abilities.   Feedback from children, staff and parents  was extremely positive.

The School won first prize regionally and nationally for participating in the Big Pedal Challenge and this received local press coverage and support from Enfield Councillors.



Pupils found the experience very positive and continue to be engaged in cycling and scooter activities. Parents found the advisory sessions very beneficial and have further explored opportunities for cycling with their children.

The event established a link between the school and the Cycle Enfield Team, which will be further developed to explore possibilities for developing a bespoke Cycling Proficiency Course for our children.

Our intention is to continue this as an annual event.



Staff training/ cover

Attendance at external training sessions and PE events.

Release of staff to attend PE-specific training sessions and leading at inter-school events off-site.  Includes the provision of cover to facilitate the release of staff.


All pupils benefit from having fully-trained staff and are able to attend events outside of school supported by skilled and experienced staff. 


Staff attending the training sessions are then able to share outcomes with other staff through practical sessions and staff meetings.  Pupils will continue to benefit from attending external events.  

 Folk Festival Seasonal Expressive Arts event for all children.

Folk-dancing sessions with a seasonal theme (Christmas) in collaboration with the Enfield Sports Team.  All children participated in cross-curricular themed dance activities with live music from a folk band.


All children participated in all activities and benefited from having the opportunity to learn different traditional dances from a dance specialist. The Folk Band are very responsive to the needs of our children who in turn benefit from the sensory experience of hearing live music.


This whole day activity provides excellent value for money which is thoroughly enjoyed by pupils and staff.

Staff are inspired by these sessions and can therefore use in planning for future PE/Dance activities.


2016/17 onwards - under development

Bike Week

To deliver a whole school themed event engaging with pupils and parents

Successful Bike Week , incorporating Big Pedal Challenge.  Good level of parental engagement and 100% participation from pupils.






Outdoor adventurous activities (Y6 leavers)

July 2017

(dependent on needs of children)

This activity was previously undertaken in July 2015 and was a great success for that particular Year Six group.  This will be reviewed taking into account the needs of the next group of leavers.  Alternative activities are being considered, such as the hire of mobile equipment (e.g. small climbing walls etc.)


Anticipated Impact - to be completed 

Not yet known

To be reviewed Spring 2016

Healthy Living Week 2017

To be confirmed

Following the success of the event in 2015,  Curriculum Coordinators are considering hosting another Health Living Week to involve the whole school (pupils and parents) in focussed activities to promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Anticipated Impact - to be completed

Budget of £1000 set aside, but full cost currently unknown

In planning stage

Increased use of external providers and venues

To be confirmed

Not yet known

Not yet known

Still under consideration

Identify suitable PE training for teachers and teaching assistants.

To be confirmed

Cover for staff will be required to release staff.

Appropriate courses that are suitable for the needs of our children.

Not yet known.

Under consideration.


Greater spectator participation in sporting events

To be confirmed

Ticket prices, staff support, transport

Not yet known

PE Coordinator and TAs


Photographs of the 'Twist' competition

Photographs of our Sport Relief Triathlon

World Cup morning photographs