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Sports Day 2017 (25 images)

The pupils enjoyed a variety of activities and supported their classmates.

Cheeky Monkey Challenge 2017 (15 images)

Another fantastic event enjoyed by our children, staff and parents.

Bike Week 2016-17 (47 images)

The whole school took part in our bike week theme. Here are a small selection of the photos.

Paradise Park (27 images)

A few photos from our recent trip to the Paradise Park in Herts!!!

Lea Valley Farm - Green class (71 images)

Our last trip this year was to the lovely Lea Valley Farm (July 2017).

We are camping!!! (47 images)

Year 6 camping photos:

Warburtons bread (40 images)

Many thanks to Warburtons for the bread and wheat they delivered for our 'Bread Week' - an exciting science project. We loved the truck and the bread!

Green Class - Junk sculptures (23 images)

In Art, we have created sculptures out of junk materials. It was lots of fun and taught us a lot about recycling and littering in general.

Happy St. George's Day!!! (6 images)

We celebrated St. George's Day by presenting the story of St. George and the dragon in our school assembly. We made the props, too. We also had a feast of scones, cream and jam.

Rainbow 2 Expressive Arts (7 images)

Some of our very youngest pupils have expressed themselves through different art forms

Green Class 16 17 Archives - Assembly (8 images)

Below are some photos from a while ago, when we were decorated in assembly.

Green Class 16 17 Carnival costumes (28 images)

We have made carnival costumes and masks!

Green Class - Fire Station (87 images)

A big THANK YOU to the firemen from our local fire station! We had a great time and learned a lot about the work of the fire service.

Electricity (Green Class) (12 images)

In Science, we are now talking about electricity. We have discussed electrical safety and have been making circuits!

It's Golden Time! (8 images)

Every Friday, we find time to play. We like to call it GOLDEN TIME!

World Book Day (12 images)

We have been celebrating World Book Day. Children from all the classes have made lots of puppets of their favourite book characters.

Air Raid Shelters (8 images)

In history, we have been learning about WW2. Here, we are making air raid shelters.

Green Class - Whitewebbs Transport Museum (20 images)

Photos from our latest trip to the Whitewebbs Transport Museum in Enfield. We saw trains, cars, motorbikes and cycles. Here are some of our favourite ones!

Myddleton House January 2017 (20 images)

Learning outside? Why not!

Green Class Local Trips (8 images)

We like to go out and about. We have lots of great parks nearby!

Silver Class meet the Robots 15-16 (7 images)

Silver class had lots of fun meeting our new interactive robots

Silver Class 15-16 (19 images)

Ruby Class 15-16 (13 images)

Red Class 15-16 (10 images)

Rainbow 2 15-16 (8 images)

Rainbow 1 15-16 (11 images)

Purple Class 15-16 (31 images)

Pink Class 15-16 (19 images)

Olympic Sports Day Summer 2015 (56 images)

Our children enjoyed both our Olympic themed sports days and competed in races involving Olympic torch waving, golf, football and the class sprint race.

Green Class Garden Summer 15 (5 images)

We have grown sunflowers, radishes, spring onions, lettuce, spinach and strawberries. We have been eating our crops at snack times.

Green Class Summer 2015 (16 images)

Early Years Plaground Summer 2015 (10 images)

We are very lucky, thanks to the generosity of the former St Peters Pre-School, to have a wonderful new play area for Early Years.

Diamond Class 15-16 (14 images)

Bronze Class 15-16 (11 images)

Cheeky Monkey Challenge 2016 (29 images)

The school raised money for the "Children with Cancer" charity and "Friends of Russet House School" by completing a series of fun physical activities. Thanks to everyone who supported this fantastic event.

Shoot the Ball Competition 2016 (24 images)

The children competed in our 6th "Shoot the Ball" competition where each class aimed to put as many balls as they could into a large basketball net in the space of 3 minutes.........who was victorious?

New Soft Play (18 images)

Our new zone has been designed just for Russet House - with lots of activities that will enhance teaching, learning and social interaction. This wonderful new facility has been funded by a generous donation from the Friends of Russet House School and Enfield Council.

Bike Riding Summer 2014 (8 images)

New shelter and sand pit (3 images)

Our new shelter and sandpit has been installed in the main playground. This has been funded by the bookstall at our local Sainsburys and a contribution from Enfield Council.

Our Facilities (19 images)

This is a selection of photographs showing the facilities and resources at Russet House School.